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You are invited to join one of our pre-conference activities taking place ahead of the Teaching and Learning conference on 12th October 2020. These sessions are open on a first-come, first-served basis and you must be registered for a session in order to attend. 

Design an Effective Course

Design an Effective Course

Academics are time poor and often feel they don’t have the knowledge and skills needed to create an effective course in Blackboard Learn.  This session explores a hands-on approach to designing a course that is simple to use.  Participants will leave with resources they can use to help them design and develop a course that will have a positive impact of teaching and learning. 

Creating Authentic Assessments

Academics spend a lot of energy and time on the critical components of assessment and feedback. This session explores a number of good practices that can be used to design and develop an authentic assessment that makes good use of the tools provided in the LMS (Learning Management System).  Participants will leave with resources and best practices they use when developing their own authentic assessment tasks. 

Creating Authentic Assessments
Creating Learning more Engaging

Flipping your course: key principles, best practices and tools

This workshop is designed to give you an in-depth experience of a sample component of Blackboard’s Digital Teaching and Learning Series (DTLS).
Blackboard’s Digital Teaching and Learning Series consists of three certified professional development courses focusing on development academic staff digital capabilities and application to practice. So far it has been delivered to over 1,100 participants in 14 countries and is available in 6 languages.
In this opportunity you will engage in a stimulating and interactive session about one of the topics of the Series: flipped classroom.
During the session you will learn how to:
• Recognise the key principles of the flipped classroom
• Implement the flipped Classroom into a curriculum following best practices
• Identify the types of tools used for creating a flipped classroom

Universal Design for Learning

Creating content and providing a learning experience that is accessible for everyone is challenging for academics. In this session, participants will be exposed to the basic principles behind Universal Design for Learning and how this can be achieved in practice. 

Universal Design for Learning
Driving Learner Engagement

Driving Learner Success 

How much time and effort do academics spend, monitoring the progress of learners and taking action when a learner at risk is identified? This session examines embedded analytics in Learn and how data can be leveraged to drive learner success. Participants will be exposed to examples which will enable them to gain more confidence at making data-informed decisions in order to close achievement gaps and improve learner engagement. 

Strategies for Success


This interactive workshop is for individuals, experienced or new, who must lead and/or support assessment initiatives at their institution. This workshop will ask participants to use an “assessment readiness framework” to review and share their institution’s readiness to implement technology-facilitated program or institutional assessment using Blackboard’s Assessment and Accreditation Solution. Participants will be able to:

  • Select the Blackboard Assessment technology necessary to support their assessment methodologies for program and institutional assessment
  • Identify their “readiness”to implement Blackboard’s Assessment Solution given their institutional assessment culture and practices
  • Identify necessary “preparations” in assessment practices, faculty participation, and Blackboard environment readiness for success
  • Leverage assessment strategies other institutions have used 
  • Create an assessment readiness strategy that includes acquisition of needed resources and implementation strategies to support sustainable practices and scalability and growth of the Assessment Solution technology

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